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Activating Concerns Through Service (A.C.T.S.) Ministry

Children in Action Children in Action Children in Action Children in Action

There was an outcry to the Women’s Missionary Union (WMU) of Calvary Southern Baptist Church from missionaries serving in Haiti, to help clothe little girls in their areas of service. Due to their poverty these little girls had no clothing and were therefore unable to attend school or church. Their lack of clothing subjected them to additional mistreatment over and above their poverty.

Once news of this need reached Calvary Southern Baptist Church, the A.C.T.S. Ministry was born. A group of ladies (and one man) under the direction of WMU started to collect colorful pillowcases to make pillowcase dresses. These dresses are bright, colorful, well-made and stylish for little girls. Hundreds of these dresses have been sent to Haiti and Africa.

The A.C.T.S. Ministry has been made aware of other areas in need of clothing for little girls such as Mali, Tanzania and the jungles of Peru to name a few. Therefore, the making of pillowcase dresses is an ongoing project of the A.C.T.S. Ministry under the direction of the Women’s Missionary Union of Calvary Southern Baptist Church.

Just a note: Not everyone in the ministry sews, but there is something for all hands to do.

I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to visit Me.’ Matthew 25:36

For interest in A.C.T.S. Ministry please contact: Barbara White (702) 649-7230